Module One: TAP 101

Title: Catfish Breeding for Juvenile Production Management.

Duration: 2 weeks

Target Audience
Unemployed youths, Young graduates, Fish hatchery operators, Fish farmers, Potential fish farming entrepreneurs.

To develop participants into catfish breeders with requisite skills for juvenile fish production through induced spawning and fish nursery management.

Training Outcome
On successful completion of this training, participants would be able to:

  • Identify, source and develop Catfish Brood stock.
  • Identify and acquire the know how for fish water environment.
  • Manage fresh water supply and waste water discharge.
  • Understand fish farming layout and construction technique.
  • Understand fish feed requirement and feeding technique.
  • Keep farm accounts and manage production records.
  • Develop requisite entrepreneurial skills for effective fish hatchery process management.

Scope of Training

  • Brood stock development.
  • Induced spawning and fry management.
  • Feed sourcing and feeding management.
  • Live fish food production technic.
  • Pond water and fish health management.
  • Farm sanitation
  • Recirculatory Aquaculture System.
  • Pond layout and hatchery setup.
  • Farm records and accounts.
  • Fish farm management.

Training Methodology

  • Lectures
  • Practical demonstration
  • Farm practice
  • Role play

Training Fee
N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira)

All participants shall receive TRAINING CERTIFICATE

Additional Benefits

  • Opportunity to network with fish breeders group.
  • Access to market for Juvenile produced.
  • Access to course content & regular update on FEDEP Telegram platform.
  • Access to Tritech Recirculatory technology & Purchase of Tritech Biofiltration tanks at 10 percent discount.