The Business of Mud-catfish Farming

The Tritech Aquaculture Project (TAP) is a fish farming value chain project designed to warehouse a Commercial fish hatchery, a large scale fish outgrowers operation & an industrial scale fish processing centre. TAP is aimed at raising the standard of aquaculture practice through training of farmers, funding of farmers and pond leasing to farmers.

TAP offers a cooperative platform called FEDEP (ILARA-EPE) COOPERATIVE AGRICULTURAL MULTIPURPOSE SOCIETY LIMITED which operates an Aquaculture outgrower scheme on 36 Acres of land at Epe, Lagos State. TAP leverages on economy of scale in pond excavation, input supply, power supply, water supply, central security and offtake market. It has the capacity to produce over 6,000 Tons of table-size fish annually, 12,000,000 Mud-Catfish Juveniles per annum and process over 9,000 Tons of fish annually.

TAP is being implemented on three fronts: TRAINING, FUNDING and POND LEASE

The Training Programme is focused on Fish Value Chain.

The Funding Programme involves the funding of trained farmers as Outgrowers through the cooperative platform.

The Pond Lease is aimed at making fish ponds available for farmers to embark on fish growout production in a secure and dedicated fish farm estate on 36 acres of land. 150 plot-size (30m x 15m x 1m) earthen ponds are provided for Lease.