Avail yourselves of the services of resourceful professionals who deliver standard agribusiness projects.

  • A survey / visit to the proposed business site is carried out to assess it.

We are poised to use our professional expertise to assist you in starting / managing a profitable fish and livestock (poultry, piggery, ram ranch, rabbitary) farm across the value chain. Our services save you a lot of production stress and cost, ensure that your record keeping is detailed thus enhancing continued growth and expansion of your farm at very reasonable fees. No farm is too small to enjoy this fundamental service.

As your consultants, we are always available because we focus on building and maintaining long-term mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. Wouldn’t you rather do business with us?

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What We Offer


Preparation of feasibility reports / business plan on new or expansion projects.


Farm establishment, rehabilitation and management services.


Provision of technical solution to farm site selection, layout, construction and waste management.


Provision of informed advice on your strategic corporate and personal agricultural investment decisions.


Supervision of routine farm management practices.


Training of Staff and potential farmers