The Business of Mud-Catfish Farming

Most farm owners / managers who want to invest / manage catfish farming business rarely ask themselves the question: WHY DO I WANT TO EMBARK ON CATFISH FARMING? That is, whether for business, passion (hobby) or charity. It is very important to decipher your business objective. Once you are able to agree with yourself that it is for business then business it should be.

Agriculture generally, is often embarked upon as passion, hobby or charitable venture in Nigeria. Constitutionally, it is seen as an all comers affair. It is the only business you are allowed to do constitutionally in addition to your government job.

Like other businesses, the factors to be considered before setting up a business should also apply to catfish farming. These are land, labour, capital, market, raw materials etc.

When proposing to start a successful catfish farming project, you need detailed information and know how on culturing catfish. This information could be gotten from government agricultural ministries, agencies and parastatals. It could also be gotten from private sector practitioners and experienced consultants (such as Tritech Business Solutions Limited) in form of site visits, trainings, workshops and printed materials on catfish farming.

However, having the technical knowhow alone is not enough to delve into production. Proper planning is expedient. You need a business plan (feasibility report) on the cost / benefit analysis of your proposed catfish farm.

After putting a business plan in place, you are ready for business. Focus on your plan and implement it religiously.