Requirements for Catfish Farming

The following are 7 requirements for Catfish Farming

1. Water

This is the most important factor in fish farming operation after securing a land space. Water must be considered based on its;
a. Source: it could be well water, borehole water, ground water (earthen pond), river or lagoon (cage culture.).
b. Quality: this is referring to the basic water parameters that can sustain culture of fish. Such parameters include PH, salinity, temperature, hardness, ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, etc.
c. Quantity: The volume of your water source must adequately sustain your fish culture from stocking to harvesting.

2. Fish Pond

You have to decide which type of pond you want to use depending on your level of investment, available land space, type of production, water management practice to be adopted.

3. Fish for Stocking

You have to decide on the type of fish you want to stock, its quality and where to source it.

4. Source of Electricity

The water pump needs to be powered. Without electricity additional cost needs to be incurred on alternative source of power such as generator, inverters, solar etc.

5. Feed

Since it is unthinkable that fish can grow without feed. You need to check on the type of feed to use, quality of feed, its source and regular availability.

6. Market

It is necessary to determine where, how and at what price do you want to sell your fish.

7. Environmental Impact

This is an issue that most fish farmers operating in Nigeria are ignorant of. The environmental laws of Lagos State frowns at the discharge of fish pond waste water into the public drainage without first treating the waste water. People that have just two ponds in their backyard may be over looked and allowed to operate without hindrance.


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