“There is no doubt in which direction we should go, agriculture is in the forefront and we do realize the urgency of the moment and the importance of getting things done quickly,”

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (Vice President of Nigeria)

Tritech Business Solutions Limited is a Nigerian based agribusiness company with a team of certified professionals passionate about agriculture and desirous of building a world-class agribusiness conglomerate. Our expertise cuts across Livestock production, Aquaculture and farming project across the entire value chain. We bring our expertise to bear on all agricultural projects we undertake ensuring that they are operated under Good Agricultural Practices.

At Tritech Business Solutions Ltd, we pride ourselves as a one stop outfit that provides informed advice and technical solution to strategic cooperative and personal agribusiness investment decisions.

What We Offer


Preparation of feasibility reports / business plan on new or expansion projects.


Farm establishment, rehabilitation and management services.


Provision of technical solution to farm site selection, layout, construction and waste management.


Provision of informed advice on your strategic corporate and personal agricultural investment decisions.


Supervision of routine farm management practices.


Training of Staff and potential farmers

Latest News

The Business of Mud-Catfish Farming

Most farm owners / managers who want to invest / manage catfish farming business rarely ask themselves the question: WHY DO I WANT TO EMBARK ON CATFISH FARMING? That is, whether for business, passion (hobby) or charity. It is very important to decipher your business objective. Once you are able to agree with yourself that

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